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Hello there!  I'm Toby Turner.  This is me, typing!

Juuust kidding.  This was dictated to my secretary.  But I proofread!  I added those extra u's to "Just."

Business mode, activate.

What do you do?

I'm a viral-marketing consultant, as well as an independent producer of viral videos and campaigns.

My videos have been featured on the front pages of YouTube, Metacafe, Break, Fark, Revver, Myspace, and others - and over the past year I've garnered over 800,000 subscribers, and over 40 million views.  Here is a more updated view count:



Sponsored Videos:

I'd love to make a video (or series of videos) integrating your product, website, company, or anything else that needs to be integrated!  Prices vary, depending on the complexity/number of videos - but for a quote, please contact me directly at business(@)

My schedule has become rather packed recently, so I'd prefer at least a month's notice - but if you need something ASAP, let me know and I'll try to work it in. :)


Here are some of my recent clients:

SONY-PICTURES-LOGO.jpg     foxlogo.jpg     flipvideo.jpg    valueofcollegelogo.png       8oclockLogo2.jpg     8hrenergy1.jpg



As a consultant, I can help your company in a number of ways.  I'll research your company's online presence - from its website, to its social networking locations, and help optimize them.  If your company isn't currently using social networks (Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, etc.), that's fine too!  I'll build them. I'll also teach you simple ways to maintain and update them in an organic fashion, so your community will continue to grow without much work. 

In addition, I'll show you which parts of your company will benefit the most from viral marketing.  Then, I will go over strategies to optimize the value your business gains from a viral campaign.

I can do this over the phone or email, or I can meet with you in person.  I've spoken at venues across the country, and worked with companies as large as Fox and Disney - but don't think your company is too small to benefit!  Viral marketing is about interaction among potential customers.  You can benefit from this, even if you only have one product to sell!


For Colleges/Clubs:

I speak at colleges around the nation about YouTube and Viral Marketing.  I also perform stand-up comedy and comedy-music.

Bring me to your college!  Tell your school's entertainment-booker-folk that I am needed to spice up the curriculum.

If you are a booker, you can reach my booking agent here: booking(@) (remove the parenthesis first - it's Spam-armor).



What is the typical turnaround time for sponsored videos?

The time it takes to complete a video varies.  Songs usually take the longest (up to a month), then sketches are a little faster, and vlogs (just talking to the camera) can take from a day to a week, depending on my schedule.  If you need it fast, I can definitely accomodate.  I love deadlines!


How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on the complexity/quantity of videos. 

Send an e-mail to business @ (without the spaces) for a custom quote!


What are some of the Sponsorship options?

Custom Songs or Product Jingles: 

I can write a custom song for your product, company, or wife's birthday!  These are usually a little more expensive, but fun!  Here's a recent song I made that called for a live recording of a song in a dorm-like setting:


I can talk about and integrate your product or company, and the video will appear on my popular YouTube channel, as well as more than a dozen other online video sites (Revver, Metacafe, Myspace, etc.).

Here's one I made for a TV show -



I can create a video about your product that will put your product in a good light (or I can poke fun at it, those tend to do well, and seem less like ads). 

Here's a sketch I made for Eight Hour Energy (an Energy Pill):

Remixes and Parodies:

I can make a remix of a popular event, or a parody of a popular song and integrate your product.  For these, let me know in advance - I have to start working on it the instant an event happens.  I made a remix of the Don't Tase Me, Bro event, and placed a link to a shirt site... and that directly created over 5,000 shirt sales over the course of a year!  I love the Internet.

Some of the sponsored videos I've created can be seen below:

Toby Tells Truths       valueofcollege.png       Toby Shops Impulsively       Eight O'Clock Coffee (Day Two)       8 Hour Energy    

Looking forward to working with you!

Toby Turner


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