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New Low Movie at Sundance!
Wednesday, December 31st - Tags: news

A movie I starred in got into Sundance!  Here's the trailer:




So far, it's gotten good reviews from Variety, Slug Magazine, IndependentFilmQuarterly, and others (here's the Variety Review, and here's the Slug Review).

Our movie got paired with one of Derek Waters' "Drunk History" shorts, which means... if anyone wants to see the short, they have to see the feautre.  And the short stars Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle.  

Adam wrote/directed/edited/starred in the movie, and I play his best friend who enjoys drinking, partying, and Heelys.  Our friends Jayme Ratzer and Valerie Jones also star in it.

Here's how it all happened.  A couple years ago, I acted in an indie movie my friend Adam Bowers made called "New Low" in Gainesville Florida.  He wanted to make a feature before we moved out to LA... so we shot one on my camera (a DVX 100B).  Adam spent the next year or so editing and mixing the film from our apt in LA... while I made a bunch of YouTube videos.

Then one day, Adam called me and said, "Our movie got into Sundance."

The drive to Park City was nuts.  It was my first time seeing snow, and I happened to be driving in it.  And it was 2AM.  Tanya wanted to stop and get a hotel, but I was all, "Noo no, I got this."  Then we got a flat tire. 

Luckily, we stopped in Cedar City at the most helpful Shell station in existence - they fixed our tire and gave us free coffee (thanks Ty and everyone else for helping)!

Anyway - Park City.  None of the cast have ever seen snow, and Park City is a snow globe.  We're surrounded by mountains, and there are 3 feet of snow atop every car, yard, and house.  Also, there's an impenetrable glass dome surrounding the city.

It was fun walking around with a lead actor badge, getting free swag from Timberland (here are some pics of us wearing their apparel), Affliction (in case I ever want to wield some skulls and sequins), T-Mobile, uh... Aveeno.  And more.  Awesome. 

Also we had some photoshoots and interviews, and we were on the morning news over there too.  Here's a pic Tanya took of me being on it.

Adam submitted it as an afterthought - literally hours before the deadline, after one of his friends convinced him to submit (Thanks, one of his friends!).  And then we're sitting in a huge condo within walking distance of everything at Sundance.  It was surreal.  By the way - thanksto Adam's dad for letting us all stay in this awesome condo!

Plus, I owe Wayne Federman $36.  He said he'd prefer it if I gave him an Amazon Gift Certificate, so it'd feel like he was getting a present.  Speaking of which... I should probably go take care of that.





MAFIA WARS Commercial!!
Wednesday, December 31st - Tags: news


Last week, I made a fun little infomercial about FarmVille (a game my mom is obsessed with). 

It was just posted on Mashable, so if you browse the site a bunch you'll see me somewhere.  Or, click here!

Also - I'm in a movie called "New Low," directed by Adam Bowers, and it was selected for Sundance!  So we're heading up to Utah this week, and I'll be speaking at the panels for the movie.  Awesome!  I'm glad for Adam - he worked on this movie for an entire year, and it paid off.

Anyway, enough with boring real movie stuff.  In the Farmville video's comments, many of my 'tween fans suggested that FarmVille was 'gay,' and that 'Mafia Wars' was, in fact, 'where it's at.'

I decided to research this 'Mafia Wars,' and the results of my studies have been compiled into a series of animated pictures.  Witness!


In conclusion, 'Mafia Wars' is mostly a text game.  Farmville is Bioshock compared to this game.  

That being said... I'm level 21.  Add me! 


What have I become...


Oh - buy this shirt!:  MAFIA WARS: Get Ready for a Ride Into the Carpal Tunnel

And this FARMVILLE one, too!

Also, my TOBUSCUS shirts are live on for $14.99!  Woo!


Get me an agent,

Toby Turner


FarmVille Commercial! (Ad Parody)
Wednesday, December 31st - Tags: personal  news

Hello, friend of friends!

Every year, I visit family in Florida for the holidays... and every year things tend to stay pretty much the same.  This year, there was a change.  My brother got married (woo), and my sister's house burned down (boo)... but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about my family switching from playing World of Warcraft... to playing Farmville.

How could pretending to farm be more fun than ninja'ing epics?  I had to investigate.

After many seconds of research, I was led to create this video:

Farmville - It's About Damn Time.

I hope you enjoy it as much as mom enjoyed the coffee mug I got her.   (
Give it some stars or something.

T-money Turnertables

Now go forth and post something in the comments.

And when you do, keep in mind... Red Apples are Red.



'Clash of the Titans' LITERAL Trailer (HD)
Wednesday, December 31st - Tags: news

Watch the CLASH OF THE TITANS TRAILER!!!!! (Literal Version)


Thought the trailer looked awesome, and there was barely any voice in it... and so... this happened.

Song from the trailer -

The me-singing MP3 HERE!

Let me know if you dig!



Wednesday, December 31st - Tags: news

About a week ago, I started doing daily one-take vlog-vids.  If you're down, go subscribe to my second channel!

Here's today's vid:

Basically - just me talkin.  Lots of random.  Though there will still be plenty of random on Tobuscus - I just needed some downtime to set up my new Windows 7 laptop (which I attained by complaining to Dell - maybe I'll do an instructional video on that...).

I'm moving to a new place in Jan (still in LA), and when that happens I'll get this whole capture card/mixer situation set up... so I can finally broadcast me playing freakin games.  That'll go on the second channel too - then if a game review is hilarious enough, those will go on Tobuscus, along with the sketches and whatnot.

Anyway - I hope you all have an awesome week!  Thanks for following my stuff!



Free Food (Even on Thanksgiving!)
Wednesday, December 31st - Tags: news

Dear You,

The thrifty Russian couple, Roman and Regina have developed an effective way to both attain free food and save the environment.  Listen to their wisdom, and take notes!  Here is the newest Russian Recommendation for Recession:

Please click here to go rate and comment!

Thanks, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!



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